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Jami Porter Lara is a multidisciplinary artist whose practice explores questions of identity, social normative constructs and cultural ideologies.

She is best known for her hand-built ceramic vessels that combine the ancient technique of pueblo potter with the contemporary iconography of the plastic bottle. While exploring a remote stretch of the U.S./Mexico border, Porter Lara found two-liter bottles used to carry water—the most recent in a lineage of artifacts that remain from millennia of human travel through the region. Using these found objects as source, Porter Lara seeks to reconceptualize the plastic bottle to better represent its function as a precious object—a vessel—capable of sustaining human life.

Born in Spokane, Washington, Porter Lara has lived in Albuquerque, New Mexico since 1980. Her work is in public and private collections nationwide. Recent exhibitions include the National Museum of Women in the Arts, the New Mexico Museum of Art, and the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles.