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California-based artist, Karen Kitchel, is most well-known for her unique approach to the traditional landscape genre. Rather than vast, dramatic vistas, Kitchel prefers to render views of the earth around her feet, always concentrating on the subtleties of the surface and the contrast of light and shadow. Her signature works are intimate paintings of enlarged specimens of the parched interior west.

Incorporating abstract patterning and a photo-realist technique, Kitchel works with obsessive painterly precision. Kitchel dismisses classic landscape conventions of interpretive expression, the horizon line, and a pastoral point of view, for micro views of the natural environment.


Kitchel’s paintings have been featured in exhibitions throughout the United States, and are in numerous private and public collections, including the permanent collections of the Denver Art Museum, the Palm Springs Art Museum, the Joslyn Art Museum, the Nicolaysen Art Museum, The Buffalo Bill Center of the West, the Tucson Museum of Art, the U.S. State Department, and many others.