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Harold Gregor gained national prominence in the early 1970’s within the Photo-realism movement, turning to farm structures and the sweeping horizon of the rural Midwest for inspiration. Along with realist landscape depictions, the artist was also known for his unusual Flatscape paintings which combined an aerial perspective with unique color choices to suggest an essential Midwestern landscape.

In 1995, upon retirement, Gregor began exploring a third aspect called “trail” paintings — colorful abstract paintings derived from scenes of a local walking trail. Throughout his career, he continued to paint and show all four modes: realist panoramas, colorful aerial Flatscapes, energetic abstract “trail” paintings, and his concluding effort Vibrascapes.

Among many distinctions, Gregor was the recipient of a 1993-1994 National Endowment of the Arts grant and a NEA Midwest Fellowship. In 1993 he was awarded the Illinois Academy of Fine Arts Lifetime Achievement Award.  His work is represented in important public and private collections throughout the United States and Europe.