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Ron Kingswood’s love of both nature and painting traces back to frequent hunting trips he took throughout northern Ontario with his father. At the age of nine, Kingswood began painting with watercolors, depicting the animals he observed on these trips in the detailed, illustrative style that characterized traditional wildlife painting in North America. This style saw him through high school, his formal art education at the H.B. Beal Secondary School in Ontario, and his earliest commercial successes. However, Kingswood’s works underwent a radical change in the mid-1980s. Kingswood moved from acrylic to oil paint, adopting a new concern with large format canvases, and most significantly, switched from representational realism to a distinctly impressionistic approach.

Kingswood combines expressive brushwork and vibrant color on large canvases that envelope the viewer and push the boundaries of traditional animal art. Though the natural world is still at the heart of these works, Kingswood’s paintings now reflect a greater emphasis on color and design than on subject matter. Negative space and gestural markings suggest light and atmosphere; off-center focal points give the wildlife a sense of being just glimpsed; and the large canvases draw viewers into works that are experienced as much as they are viewed. The resulting expressions of movement, energy, and emotion offer a unique view of nature itself.

Nature has always been the only teacher, not other individuals. I see and feel more as a modernist, and tend to perceive nature as form and structure.

– Ron Kingswood

Kingswood’s works are in the collections of the London Regional Art Museum, Ontario, Canada; London Regional Historical Museum, London, England; Woodson Art Museum, Wausau, Wisconsin; the World Wildlife Fund, Zurich, Switzerland; and the National Museum of Wildlife Art, Jackson Hole, Wyoming. His paintings have also been featured in the magazines Wildlife Art and Southwest Art. Kingswood is a contributor to the Woodson Art Museum’s Birds in Art exhibit, and his works have been exhibited in galleries and museums throughout Canada and the United States. Kingswood currently lives and works in Sparta, Ontario.