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Charles Schreyvogel was born in New York City and became famous for his scenes of Western military life through his paintings, illustrations, lithographs, and sculpture. He grew up on the Lower East Side of Manhattan and as a child sold newspapers and worked as an office boy while attending public school. He later earned a living in a variety of ways, including working as a pipe carver, an engraver, and a die sinker, before he apprenticed to a lithographer in 1877. Within three years he was working as an independent lithographic artist, supplementing his income by teaching drawing.

He secured patrons who financed his study in Munich under Carl Marr and Frank Kirchbach, with whom he studied for three years where between 1887 and 1890. After sketching the Buffalo Bill show performers in New York, he was able to afford to spend 1893 in the West. For five months he sketched at the Ute Reservation in Colorado and then traveled to Arizona to observe and record the life of cowboys.