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Using light as her primary medium, Janna Avner (Koyukon Athabascan) seeks to reclaim romanticizations of landscape imagery and incorporate expansive interpretations of Indigeneity, perception, and the environment. Her pieces serve as visual metaphors that, at times, contain projections of beadwork and hologram recreations of the Northern Lights.

Janna Avner’s paintings and digital art have exhibited at Keystone Gallery (Los Angeles), ETTA Studio in collaboration with the house of collections (Korea), NOT ART Gallery (Iran), Spring/Break LA (2019, 2020), Ars Electronica, CultureHub, The Java Project Gallery, The Allen and Leah Rabinowitz Gallery, The Bendix Building, SUPERCOLLIDER, San Luis Obispo Museum, Torrance Museum, UNICEF USA, Matsudo International Science + Art Festival (Japan), Hive Gallery, and Other Places Art Fair. Her artworks and curations are covered in Vice, Hyperallergic, LA Weekly, Artforum, ARTNews, the Los Angeles Times, the Paris Review, and the New York Times.