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Shirley Crow’s works are representations of introspective journeys. Transporting emotion in the landscape of the subconscious, Crow creates brilliantly colored hallucinatory canvases. Often seeded in anxieties of the present, Crow’s drawings and paintings are at once both foreign and familiar. Suggestions of landscape, flora, fauna and rock formations give way to a lyrical abstraction driven by color and energy. The radiant paintings that result – uplifting, exploratory, and imaginative – offer a response to the uncertainties and fears of the era.

“We live in a time when almost anything can happen. This realization makes me uneasy, apprehensive, curious, and excited – I am in love with being alive. I constantly strive to communicate the sense of awe and mystery that I experience in a society that is changing at an ever-increasing pace.”

Shirley Crow was born in Missouri and is currently based in Santa Fe, NM. She received a Bachelor’s of Science in Art Education from the University of Missouri. Her work has been included in exhibitions nationwide.