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Gerald Peters Contemporary is pleased to present the work of Jennifer Bartlett and Eric Garduño. The two-person exhibition highlights the artists’ parallel interest in pattern, contrast and simple geometric abstraction.

Beginning with her earliest paintings, Jennifer Bartlett has been identified with the grid as the organizational armature for her compositions. These structures recall the patterning of Pointillism and later, that of the stricter Minimalism. Her paintings evolve to incorporate iconographic landscape elements, such as horses, trees, and hills. While Bartlett’s grid patterns retain structure and order in her paintings, they subtly provide a background upon which Bartlett’s vocabulary of subjects undulate throughout her compositions.

Like Bartlett, Eric Garduño is known for his serialization of geometric forms – in particular the triangle. Utilizing the shape as a means to explore gravity’s ability to govern the behavior of hanging and leaning objects, Garduño, as Bartlett, is interested in both the formal and psychic effects of his practice.