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Evan Feldman


Bringing together the work of Will Clift and Elizabeth Hohimer, the exhibition examines the ways that both artists evoke the desert environs of the Southwest.

Known for his minimalist, balance-based sculptures, Will Clift’s new works echo the landscape formations of the high desert. Long horizon lines, mesas and desert fauna are implied but not overstated.   “The forms in my sculptures come from the world around me – the contour of a hill, the movement of a stalk of grass in the wind, the mark left by a tire in the mud.”

Based in Marfa, Texas, Elizabeth Hohimer travels throughout the region collecting clays which she uses to stain her yarns. Employing a technique known as undulating twill, Hohimer mixed areas of tight interlacement with areas of more open weave, achieving sinuous patterns reminiscent of the desert landscapes that inspire the work. As Hohimer states: “I seek to capture the freedom, solitude, and horizon lines of the land from which the clays were collected. I see the works as maps of the land’s color and energy.”