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Patricia Beggins Magers was born on Staten Island, New York. She received an undergraduate degree in art from Olivet College in Olivet, Michigan and began a career that included museum exhibits preparation, book and advertising illustration, and commissioned portraiture. In 2005 she earned a Master of Fine Arts degree in painting and drawing from Georgia State University in Atlanta. She currently lives and works in Roswell, Georgia.

Beggins Magers works in a variety of mediums—oil paint, encaustic, watercolor, cut-paper collage, mixed media and ceramic sculpture. She recently created a series of works depicting images and themes of the Old West derived from early sepia-toned photography and tintypes.  

She also has a collection of tiny pre-war lead figures, some of which are horses and riders. These toys, their paint worn from the imaginative play of children, are another avenue for her to explore western themes. The cowboys and riders act out surprisingly realistic scenes, or simply stand for their ‘portrait’ in all the seriousness of play.

My practice of art, painting, drawing, sculpture, mixed media and collage grew directly from happy hours in childhood spent making things. Piano lessons yielded no musical understanding, but it did produce a smashing PlayDoh portrait of my frustrated teacher. Our busy, chaotic household full of eleven siblings sent me seeking quiet corners where I could perfect the ever-elusive recipe for flour and water and newspaper papier-mâché. My father enjoyed oil painting landscapes and he gave me an easel, paint and canvas when I was twelve, and the even greater gift of leaving me to figure it out on my own.

Patricia Beggins Magers