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Gerald Peters Gallery is pleased to announce the first solo show of Heimir Bjorgulfsson, This Will Solve Everything, with an opening reception on Friday, July 26, 5-7 pm. Heimir hails from Reyjkavijk, Iceland but has called Los Angeles his home for over a decade. The work of Bjorgulfsson takes a sometimes humorous, always ironic, look at the intersection of the natural world with modern human society. The paintings in this exhibition all represent fictional and unexpected scenarios imagining millions of years of evolution, where one animal species possibly goes extinct, and another succeeds.

β€œAny preconceived or romanticized idea the viewer has and takes for granted is re-examined and challenged. I want the viewers to question their assumption of animal behavior and imagine what an animal might make of our complex human environment.

The paintings do more than depict a confrontation between animals and humans or between the viewer and cultural ideology. They serve as a tool for imagination, inviting the viewer to step into other species’ shoes and leave the exhibition with a wealth of contemplation.”
Heimir Bjorgulfsson