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Janda Wetherington
Associate Director
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This exhibition brings together works from two very different parts of the world, yet they are surprisingly similar.

Pablo Soria hails from the regions of Salta and Tucuman in the northwest part of Argentina. His works depict the region in the dark of night and illuminates surprising similarities to the landscape in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Friegeir Helgason hails from Iceland and is a recent transplant to New Mexico from Los Angeles where he captured the desert scenery of the Mojave. He now turns his lens to his new home in New Mexico with an eye for the unusual moments in a highly picturesque landscape.

Both artists capture moments of humanity in the vast landscapes of their respective regions. In their imagery, South American and the American Southwest are entwined in a fascinating dialogue that explores how similar, places so far apart, can be. Memory is also a central element in the work of both artists. Pablo Soria captures images of his homeland which he left many years ago, and in doing so, re-captures his own memories of place and home. Fridgeir Helgason notes the images he captures of New Mexico remind him of a certain barren melancholy from Iceland.